“I’ve known Joanne for many years and have been impressed by her rural knowledge and care for the environment.
She’s not just a desk jockey, but gets out there physically to support people and local organisations. She will be an on the ground politician, which is what Wyre and Preston North deserves!
She is keen to roll out local measures to combat food poverty, climate change and promote regeneration and local industry. I’m excited by her plans to set up dialogue to work with local farmers and producers, and with local and outside agencies to increase regeneration and job opportunities for her constituency.

Vote for Joanne and ensure you have a pro-active member of parliament.”

Lorraine Turnbull – Author of Sustainable Smallholding

“Joanne has been an absolutely key figure in running the weekly pop-up food club that started in 2016.
The club has made a real difference to so many people’s lives when they would otherwise struggle with household finances, and it is an upbeat happy place that brings people together.
The club has also helped to highlight the shocking levels of waste in our food system that contributes to the climate crisis – another issue that Joanne is passionate about.

Joanne’s work at the food club shows that she is the kind of person who sincerely cares about the community and she will show unflagging commitment to getting practical things done so that life is better for ordinary people.”

Deborah Finn – Trustee, Eggcup

“I have worked with Joanne for many years and know her well. She is dedicated and hard working; when she commits herself to something, she always sees it through to the end. Jo will make an excellent MP for the area”

Gary Jones – Resident, Staina Ward

“We are delighted to endorse Joanne Ainscough, the Labour candidate for Wyre and Preston North. Joanne fully supports the practical and radical policies contained in our Autism and Neurodiversity Manifesto. By voting Labour in this constituency, you can help bring about significant improvements for autistic, dyspraxic, dyslexic and other neurologically-different people. We have suffered from discrimination and austerity for too long. This is your chance to take a stand for equality and support instead.”

Neurodivergent Labourhttp://ndlabour.co.uk